Helping make the world a cleaner, healthier and sustainable place to live and work!

We specialize in bringing to market “best of class” ecological and biological products that help improve the living and working environment, improve productivity while using less energy and resources in countless buildings, factories and process sites around the world. This website is dedicated to bringing you detailed information about a wide range of exciting new products that not only make a valuable contribution to saving precious resources but also improve the quality of the environment as is the case with many of the amazing new eco-, bio- and nanoproducts.

Based on our extensive experience of new technologies and our wealth of contacts, we have assembled a portfolio of products and services we are proud to represent, each “best of class” and designed to solve specific environmental, hygiene, safety, security or energy issues. We believe our website is the place to watch for new products, technologies and services that will benefit householders, businesses and manufacturers in their efforts to become or remain clean, green and cost-effective.

We are particularly interested in meeting potential trade partners for selling and applying these products.

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Ecobioland is a trading name of  Ingeniatouch Ltd whose registered office is at:

33 Earlsfort Court, Lower Hatch Street, Dublin, D02 TC62, IRELAND.

Tel: +353 879010419 or UK +44 20 3287 9234

Company Number: 438840 Ireland

VAT Number IR1649872o


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Dermott Reilly | Director
Dermott Reilly